Has Your Spouse Reached The Point Of No Return?

If the two of you have been struggling in your marriage for months or even years, a box of chocolates or flowers for your wife won’t cut it when the resentment from an affair or other events in the past are driving a wedge between you.

A loving card with a hand-written note expressing your love for your husband is not the answer to an endless amount of unresolved issues that have caused the two of you to become more like roommates than husband and wife.

If your marriage is a constant uphill “battle”, riddled with confusion, frustration and resentment, I strongly suggest you identify how close your spouse is to “The Point Of No Return”.

My Point Of No Return” video help you understand the 6 stages ALL unhappy spouses travel before they reach The Point Of No Return.

Because studies have shown that women file about 80% of divorces, I created this video for men, but women will learn a lot from this video too.

The video is just over 8 minutes long, so take a few moments out of your day today to watch the very important message in this video.

Here’s what one man had to say after watching the video:

“Larry that was the most amazing video about marriage. I want some royalty from this, as it was and is my life with my wife. Unfortunately, its too late as she and I may have crossed the snap line. Nonetheless, great work and I hope other Men watch this as every marriage is worth saving especially when children are involved.”
Best Regards,
Bob G.

=====> Discover How Close Your Spouse Is To The Point Of No Return

After you watch the video, there are 2 paths you can take towards restoring your marriage.

1) If your spouse HAS reached The Point Of No Return…

Submit your Second Chance story here and my assistant Kristen will contact you to arrange a complementary 30 minute consultation where you and I can discuss over the phone what happened in your marriage and what you can do about it.

Not everyone has what it takes to save their marriage alone, so we will also discuss whether my Environment Changer program (where individual spouses can save their marriage alone) is right for you.

2) If your spouse has NOT reached The Point Of No Return…

If your spouse has NOT YET reached The Point Of No Return, you need to do something NOW, before it’s too late. So instead of wasting your money on the same old trivial Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers or chocolates, why not show your spouse you’re SERIOUS about restoring your original love and take the first step towards a whole new life?

You can do this through the Marriage 101, the live, 60 minute interactive phone call where the two of you will:

- Gain a sense of NEW HOPE for your formerly hopeless marriage.

(The insights taught within Marriage 101 will give you a new sense of hope for your future together because I will show you, and PROVE to you, that your marriage is not as bad as you might think it is. Rather than attending a marriage counseling session and leaving feeling frustrated and angry, after our call together the two of you will have had FUN together – maybe even for the first time in months.)

– No longer struggle for words to express how you want to be treated.

(Instead of fumbling around searching for words to express how you want your spouse to treat you, Marriage 101’s Flag Page outlines a clear and definite plan on EXACTLY HOW and WHY each of you want to be treated a certain way.)

– SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the amount of arguments in your marriage.

(During our call together, the two of you will discover that very often you are quite literally “stepping on” each others’ ways of succeeding in life! You know WHY you’re offended by something your spouse does or says…but you don’t know why…UNTIL NOW!)

Is Marriage 101 right for everyone?

Marriage 101 is NOT for you if...

Your spouse has filed for divorce and now sees divorce as the only option
You have little to no communication with your spouse and s/he is unwilling to consider saving the marriage as an option

Marriage 101 IS for you if…

The two of you have tried marriage counseling, but ended up more frustrated than ever
You both want to make the marriage work, but just aren’t sure what to do or how to do it
One or both of you have engaged in affairs, but now want to rebuild the trust and fix your marriage

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