The Secret Of Solving Marriage Problems Without Conflict Tele-Seminar Recording Is Ready!

Last Thursday’s live teleseminar is ready!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for joining me on the live call if you were able to call in or listen online to the live teleseminar.

We’ve posted the recording from Thursday’s call below for you to stream or download to your computer for later listening.

Here’s a quick recap of what this teleseminar was about for those of you who are new to this blog or my newsletter:

TOPIC: The Secret Of Solving Marriage Problems Without Conflict
with Larry Bilotta and Senior Marriage Translator, Jane Duberstein guest hosting the call

Contrary to what you might think, it IS possible to resolve marriage problems without arguing. Discover these simple new ways of talking to your mate and cut your conflict in half!

Based on methods I used to save my own formerly miserable marriage, during this 60 minute, live tele-seminar, I revealed the secrets of communicating without conflict.

You’ll find out why you might be sabotaging your marriage and “stepping” on your spouse’s greatest needs in life without even realizing it!

Each tele-seminar attendee received a free quiz called the Flag Page prior to the call. Currently used by the United States Army, the Flag Page has been completed by thousands of people seeking to understand themselves and the person they married.

You can download a copy of this Flag Page quiz here.

Download the call here for later listening here. (Right click and choose “save as”. Please be aware it is a large file and may take a bit to fully download.)

To a less stressful and more fulfilling marriage,

Larry Bilotta

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  • Pamela Leszczynski

    Reply Reply May 14, 2010

    Larry, I loved this, it was really interesting to hear about the flag page in more detail. My hope is that someday “A” and I will be able to go through fulfilled couple.

    Keep posting radio shows, teleseminars, etc… I love to listen to them at work on my headphones. They give me an extra boost to get through my long haul.

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