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Mort Fertel Has My Highest Recommendation…

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may be surprised by what I’m about to do. I’m going to refer you to someone else in the marriage improvement business. What’s surprising about this is that I rarely ever do this.

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How To Make EVERY Day…Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

Was your Valentine’s Day one you’ll never forget or was it a total disappointment?

As women like to say, men just don’t get women. The reason has more to do with our “love will conquer all” culture – that and the way men are wired.

What IS Valentine’s Day Anyway?

In the past, I’ve gone into great detail about how the misconception of “love” begins in childhood and prepares us to fail in marriage by making us think that “love” will happen all on its own without any effort from us at all.

Many men view Valentine’s Day as simply a day that was created by Hallmark as a way to make money selling cards and other useless knickknacks.

They see Valentine’s Day as nothing more than a scam.

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