The Secret Of Solving Marriage Problems Without Conflict Tele-Seminar Recording Is Ready!

Last Thursday’s live teleseminar is ready! First of all, I’d like to thank you for joining me on the live call if you were able to call in or listen online to the live teleseminar.

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What This Troubled Economy Means To Your Marriage

Lately, it’s hard to get away from all the impending recession talk that TV is so determined to sell us. It’s impossible to hide from news anchors reporting on bad facts, bad rumors and bad possibilities. Not to worry though, I’m not a bad news merchant.

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“Man Friendly” Weekend Marriage Events That Work

Lately, I’ve been contacted by several couples asking me if I offer marriage seminars or in-person marriage improvement sessions. While the short answer is that I don’t, I’d like to give you my recommendations as to where you could go for an informative, yet entertaining weekend marriage seminar.

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The Hidden Cause Of Marriage Problems

Is Your Spouse “In Love” With Being In Love? Are you familiar with a concept called “the Ignorance Ethic”? Most likely you’re not, but it’s an idea that is widely responsible for a wide variety of marriage problems these days.

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How Would You Rate Your Father?

Why read yet another well researched study, grinding out the insignificant details of who, what, when, where and why we have yet another social problem? All problems in our society really only come from ONE problem. The trouble in our past, present and future can be explained in one simple sentence….

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Are You Making This Mistake In Your Marriage?

I receive emails daily from people who ask me for advice, people who share their comments about articles I’ve written over the years and sometimes, I receive emails from people criticizing my point of view. All of which I am perfectly fine with.

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Feeling Stuck? Is Your Spouse a Compuslive Spender?

The following excerpt is from a question I received from one of my newsletter subscribers named Kevin. Kevin asked a very important question that many couples struggle with. Since he gave me permission to post his question on my blog, my hope is that Kevin’s question will ring true for other couples going through similar…

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Wait for Mr./Mrs. Right…or Settle?

The following article is Larry Bilotta’s take on Lori Gottlieb’s latest column, “Marry Him!” From the March 2008 issues of Atlantic Monthly Well, it’s finally happened. In a national Magazine, (Atlantic Monthly for March 2008) a woman wrote her tell-all story about the fact that the dreamy, no-work, no effort, love-ethic in America (now increasingly…

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How To Make EVERY Day…Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

Was your Valentine’s Day one you’ll never forget or was it a total disappointment?

As women like to say, men just don’t get women. The reason has more to do with our “love will conquer all” culture – that and the way men are wired.

What IS Valentine’s Day Anyway?

In the past, I’ve gone into great detail about how the misconception of “love” begins in childhood and prepares us to fail in marriage by making us think that “love” will happen all on its own without any effort from us at all.

Many men view Valentine’s Day as simply a day that was created by Hallmark as a way to make money selling cards and other useless knickknacks.

They see Valentine’s Day as nothing more than a scam.

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-LIVE Tele-Seminar- I Need Your Questions!

If you haven’t heard about it already, next Tuesday, January 29th, I’m hosting a LIVE Tele-seminar on the topic of…Is a Feeling Called “Love” Enough To Remain Happily Married In Our Divorce-Is-The-Solution Culture? At the end of the call, I will be opening the lines up for questions. So that’s why I need your help…

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