“Chaos Kid” Internet Radio Series – Part 2

If you’ve been following the “Chaos Kid” radio series I’ve been conducting with Joyful Radio, I’ve just posted Part 2 of the radio series below.

Download the MP3 for later listening here.

TChaos Kid Radio Serieshis segment features special guest Debbie Berndt, a very bright and articulate alumni student of mine who married a Chaos Kid who got on a plane and left the country without notice!

Debbie shares what she learned about herself, her husband and her children as she reflected on their childhood programs and taught her children some of the insights she learned from becoming an Environment Changer. Debbie reveals some eye-opening revelations that truly changed her life and are now positively influencing her children!

The series continues once again on Saturday, January 17th at 6PM CST / 7PM EST. Listen in to hear one man’s story of a marriage dissolving and a wife’s restraining order. Could this marriage be saved? Find out on Saturday, January 17th!

If you missed part 1 of this series, you find the resources discussed during this interview and listen to the first segment here.


  • Sherri

    Reply Reply January 15, 2009

    Is there any way to read a transcript of the “Chaos Kid” series? I do not have speakers on my computer at this time. If a transcript is not available, I’ll just have to divey up the cash and get some!
    Thank you so much for your work! This series is so needed, as so many people grew up in chaos. I am married to such one, and now my son is married to one. Both my husband and my daughter-in-law have done what they can to be different from their upbringing, but unless your past is understood and dealt with, it will continue to destroy your present and future…. But, usually a ‘chaos kid’ can not or does not want to acknowledge that they have negative patterns of thought and action in their lives that are wrecking havoc on them and those that love them. Keep the awesome info coming. You are a living example of what can be done if we just have the right info, the right tools, the right guidance.

  • Larry Bilotta

    Reply Reply January 19, 2009

    Hi Sherri,

    Thanks for your great comments and positive feedback about the show. At the moment, we currently don’t have the transcript available for the show, but it may be available in the future.

    I’m glad to hear you’ve learned so much from the show. I’m sure your son would also benefit from what you’ve learned as well since the understanding alone of a Chaos Kid can take the edge off the tension in the marriage.

    Thanks again for writing Sherri!


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