“Chaos Kid” Internet Radio Series – Part 4

Welcome to the 4th and final installment of my “Chaos Kid” series, where we talked with Keldon and Sandra, a couple who actually got divorced…and then REMARRIED- to each other once again!

Chaos Kid Radio SeriesI hope you’ll listen in while this couple shares the effects of being a Chaos Kid along with their thoughts on the key component of Marriage 101, The Flag Page.

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Flag Page

If you’re not familiar with the Flag Page, it’s an online tool that is easy and fun to do, but most importantly, results in a true picture of who you really are at heart and what truly motivates you as a person.

Flag PageWhen couples read and learn about their spouse’s true motivators and strengths, it leads to a whole new level of understanding each other as you’ll hear during the interview.

Listen in on this final installment of the “Chaos Kid” series as Keldon and Sandra (Sam to her friends) share their story of divorce and remarriage, along with what they learned from the highly popular and effective tool known as the Flag Page.

The Flag Page is a key part of both Marriage 101 and the Environment Changer program because of the understanding and acceptance it creates amongst couples.

If Both You and Your Spouse Want To Work Things Out Together…

You and your spouse can create your own Flag Pages and have them explained to you during a two hour phone call with one of our Marriage Translators through Marriage 101.

If Your Spouse Is NOT Willing To Participate… 

And finally, if your spouse is not willing to participate and has already asked for or filed for a divorce, you can set up a FREE 60 minute consultation where I will personally help you understand what has happened in your marriage, and what you can do about it through my Second Chance program.

This is the first step all potential Environment Changer students must go through before they can enter this program that helps individual spouses transform themselves from the inside out and eliminate their negative feelings in 60 seconds.

I  hope you’ve enjoyed this series and as always, I welcome any and all feedback about the shows in the comment section of this post.

To a less stressful and more fulfilling marriage,

Larry Bilotta

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