What REALLY Causes Marriage Problems?

When your marriage is in trouble, every second that goes by is a moment your spouse could be slipping away from you both emotionally and physically.

You need a way to reverse the effects of what happened in your marriage to bring you to the point where you find yourself now – and you need it fast.

And of all the different methods and concepts I teach, over the years I’ve found that the Invisible Lifestyle is by far the most eye-opening of all to couples.

So today I’d like to share this free video I created that will help you pick up the pieces of your relationship and create a much deeper partnership with your spouse.

But this time, you’ll be looking at your spouse in a whole new light because you’ll understand WHY…your spouse is so sensitive to yelling, WHY…your spouse gets upset when you spend money, or WHY….your spouse hates conflict so much.

Whatever your “hot button” issues are, you need to uncover the SOURCE of these issues instead of dealing with the SYMPTOMS.

This video will show you how…

Why You Fight: Discover Your Invisible Lifestyle Today

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 Why You Fight

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Now what you might need right now is some direction about what to do and what to say to your spouse. These “outward actions” are not what my main focus is all about.

I focus on internal teachings like eliminating your negative feelings and uncovering the hidden programs from your childhood that are causing the two of you to clash in everyday life. Because that’s my focus, I don’t spend much time on marriage techniques and advice.

But there is one person who DOES focus on outward, behavior based teachings like what to do in various situations or what to say – and nobody teaches this better than Mort Fertel.

Because Mort’s teaching style and beliefs about marriage are very similar to my own, I often suggest that my own students subscribe to Mort’s newsletter and go through his courses since they are so complementary to my programs and teachings.

And that’s why I want you to take a close look at what Mort Fertel is doing in the marriage how-to department.

If you’re not familiar with Mort, he teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their marriage.

Mort’s program is called Marriage Fitness and like me, he has a version for couples and a version for one spouse who wants to learn when their spouse is not willing to participate.

The Marriage Fitness program is built on a uniquely structured Tele-Boot Camp where couples and individual spouses talk about marriage issues over conference calls on a monthly basis.

Mort’s method is to get people focused on filling themselves with positive activity and ideas and I absolutely endorse that.

The Marriage Fitness approach has been featured in Family Circle, Psychology Today and the Ladies Home Journal.

In addition to a great deal of media attention, Mort’s program has been endorsed by marriage counselors, therapists and relationship experts including John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus, and Dr. Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

But above all else, Mort has helped save thousands of marriages.

I sincerely believe that the techniques Mort teaches and his how-to advice about building a strong marriage is a perfect fit whether you want to be the one who leads your spouse as an example or if both of you are working together to restore your marriage.

Mort’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp includes 7 Tele-Seminars, a 15 CD home learning system, 3 open mike Q&A teleconferences a 1-on-1 private phone session with Mort himself and more.

I strongly suggest you have a look at the solutions Mort Fertel has created for struggling couples (and individuals) just like you.

As a first step in learning about Mort Fertel, I’d highly encourage you to sign up for Mort’s FREE email series to discover more ways to turn your marriage around. Along with the free email series, you’ll also receive a FREE relationship assessment, no strings attached.

So right now, take a moment to follow this link and sign up for Mort’s FREE email series.

Over 100,000 people a year subscribe to his free e-zine which is a good indication of the quality of content he delivers.

Hopefully you will pursue some of the options I’ve outlined for you today in this post instead of giving up hope on your marriage prematurely. Far too often, couples give up hope on their family when their spouse hasn’t reached their “breaking point” yet.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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